Reputty Windows

Over time and after exposure to the elements, your glazing putty begins to crack and break down and may need replacement. Let us come and inspect your putty and give you an honest opinion on whether reputty work is required.

Renovating or painting your house?

Now is the perfect time to replace the existing putty and get the best possible finish on your wooden windows and doors. It’s surprising what a difference new putty can make to the overall finish and your painter will certainly thank you for it! We use a quick-drying putty which can usually be painted within 72 hours

Why is water coming in through the bottom of my windows?

This could be due to the existing putty failing, allowing water to get in behind the glass and leak into your home. Damaged putty can also lead to water pooling on the outside of your window. Left unattended this can cause rot.

Is this a job I can do myself?

Of course you can, but the finish may not meet your expectations! Smoothing the surface of the putty with a spoon (yes we have seen it done!) just creates dips for fresh water to sit in and water pooling leads to damage, as explained above. You may also run the risk of damaging or breaking the glass when removing the old putty, which will cost more in the long run. It’s really worthwhile having reputty work completed professionally and it may not be as expensive as you think.

Can I paint as soon as you have left?

We use a quick-drying putty which can usually be painted within 72 hours.

Will you need to reputty the whole window or just a small section?

Generally, it is just the bottom of the frame as this is where water tends to sit, but in some cases we need to replace all of the putty in the window. We only charge for what we do, so our estimate will be based on how many metres of putty we think need replacing. Contact us for a free no obligation quote so that we can assess and discuss with you what is recommended.

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