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Welcome to Home Comfort with Double Glazing

If you’re thinking about double glazing your home, talk to us about our retroGLAZE® solutions. Genuine, high-performance double glazing for existing homes that looks great, performs exceptionally, and is built to last.

Explore the benefits of retroGLAZE® double glazing solutions

Warmer in Winter

 Improve Health

Cooler in Summer

Reduce Outside Noise

Control Condensation

Reduce Fading

retroGLAZE® Solutions For Your Home

Retrofit Double Glazing

Retain your existing joinery and the natural character of your home

Replacement Windows

Refresh and modernise your home with new high performance windows and doors

Which retroGLAZE solution is right for me?

I’d like to understand the different options to retrofit or replace my windows

retroGLAZE® Solutions For Your Window Type

Timber Windows

Double glazing solutions customised for your timber windows

Aluminium Windows

Double glazing solutions customised for your aluminium windows

Questions about your windows?

Find out the best option for your home with a visit from one of our experts

Whatever your double glazing needs are, you can be confident that we will provide the right retroGLAZE® solution for your home.

retroGLAZE® Enquiry