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What to do if you get a stonechip

It’s that time of the year we all know and love where the roadworks start, you find yourself watching STOP/GO signs a little too frequently, your car needs a wash from the filth and cement and then to top it all a little stone or rock hits your screen and creates a stone chip.

How long can I leave it before getting my stonechip repaired?

Basically the longer you leave it, the more dirt and moisture gets into the stonechip and the more difficult it is to repair.  This could possibly lead to needing a replacement windscreen rather than a simple repair.

Will a stone chip affect my ability to get a warrant of fitness?

If the stonechip  is in your CLV (Critical Line of Vision), you will need to get the stone chip(s) repaired in order to pass your next warrant of fitness.

How much will it cost and where can I get the job done?

Stonechips are generally free to repair if covered by your vehicle insurance and most repairers are happy to liaise with your insurance company for you.  Why not think about using a company which offers a mobile service?  The job can be done at your home or place of work with no need to drop it into a garage.  Click here for more information on stonechip services.

Points to Remember:

  • Check your windscreen regularly for signs of damage, especially if you hear the  unmistakable sound of a stone hitting your screen!
  • If you spot damage, get on to a repair quickly.