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Top Tips for choosing a Glass Splashback

Hygienic, heat-resistant and easy to clean, glass splashbacks are a very popular choice in today’s kitchens.  Their reflective qualities make them ideal for situations where there is less light, quite apart from the fact that they create a stunning centrepiece in your kitchen.  Below we’ve collated some of the key points you may want to consider when choosing a splashback.

1. Area to be covered

Do you want to cover only the area around the oven/cooker, or the entire wall?  Do you also want a splashback behind the sink?  How far upwards/outwards will the splashback(s) extend?  Ideally you will have made some of these decisions before your splashback specialist visits, as this will affect the cost and areas for measure-up.

2. Colours

Are you choosing a colour to tone with your bench top, cabinetry and walls or do you want to make a bold, contrasting statement in another colour?

Bright colours are a great way of making a real statement in your kitchen – red, blue and in fact any colour can look fantastic – but you need to be sure that you will still enjoy that bright colour a year down the line.

If you’re not sure about bright colours, a good “safe” option is black or white.  Black is a very popular choice – it goes well with white kitchen units and reflects light, while white splashbacks are ideal for a clean, clinical look.

3. Unique Focal point

If you’re looking for a creative art piece and focal point in your kitchen, you may want to use one of your own digital photos or a favourite image for the splashback. There’s plenty of inspiration available online, but do bear in mind that these designer options come with a significantly higher price tag.

4. Powerpoints, Cabinetry and Rangehoods

Glass can be cut to accommodate powerpoints, but this will increase the final price of the splashback.  If you’re still in the design stages, plan the placement of powerpoints carefully in advance with your kitchen designer or electrician.  Cabinetry and rangehoods will likewise be accommodated with a custom-made splashback.

Useful links:

Creative inspiration

Get inspired here with some of the latest ideas in designer splashback pieces.

Tips and tricks for choosing the perfect splashback

Some great design hints here, particularly about colour.  Our favourite tip:  choose the benchtop colour first, which will narrow down your splashback colour choices.

What to expect during the splashback installation process

Remember that if you’re looking for the best possible splashback for your kitchen, it will need to be made-to-measure.  You’re paying for a specialist installation and should expect several visits/consultations with your glazier for measuring and templating.  It is not an instant process but it’s worth the wait for a quality result.

Splashback services

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