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Glasswise breakfasts with the best!

One aspect of our business we are keen to actively promote is our membership of BNI®.

Each Tuesday at 7.00 am, co-Director Maggie Masterson attends the local Chapter meeting of BNI® Morrinsville, at which we network with local businesses and pass on information and introductions to potential business.


What is BNI ®?

BNI® is a Business Networking organization which brings together many companies (but only one from each profession), to share contacts and opportunities in a spirit of mutual support.

With a global network of thousands of Chapters, and hundreds of thousands of members, BNI® has been helping companies to grow and develop for some 30 years.  The organization offers a structured meeting and networking system which allows members to help each other, and in doing so be helped themselves.  Find out more at


What has Glasswise gained from BNI®?

“Since joining BNI, we have gained valuable business and customers, but we have also been able to help local business people, by referring business to them.  Mixing with like-minded professionals who are key service providers and specialists in our town provides a great support network and opportunities to help each other succeed in business” Maggie explains.


If you think you might want to visit our BNI® Morrinsville Chapter, or another in the Waikato, to see the potential it can offer you, contact Maggie on